Hope Sings

Hope.... something everybody needs!


Where there is no hope we are simply floundering around aimlessly and are void of vitality. Thankfully Hope is readily available thru Jesus.

His strength is perfect in our weakness. When we trust and lean on His strength Hope begins to rise within us. As hope rises our heart and souls

begin to sing. Psalms 42:11 says "Why are you cast down O my soul? And why are you disquited within me? Hope in God; For I shall 

yet praise Him. The help of my countenance and my God"  Praising Him in the middle of our weak times accesses that strength in God

"Here is Hope" In one of the songs we wrote "Here is Hope" it says "Faith to take a chance Hope to believe the wonders of your glorious promise

Here is Hope" Singing praise keeps hope alive inviting the presence of the Lord in our situation. his presence accomplishes so much more than 

we can. Our worrying doesn't fix our situation. In Exodus 15:2 it says "The Lord is my strength and song. And He has become my salvation: 

He is my God and I will praise Him. My father's God and I will exalt Him" In our down times remember.... Hope sings!!!


Gems of Grace Jan 2019 



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