Stuffed Full of Love

Ah.... Valentines Day! A day for Love!! For some it may be romantic gestures while others its sweetness towards a friend or family member. When my kids were younger I always enjoyed buying them Valentines treats and especially stuffed animals. They loved them! They also had several that other people had given them. My kids had this cool way of bringing them to life by giving them names and cute little voices to pretend they were talking. Crazy enough,  to this day I remember the some of those adorable stuffed animals. There was Dollar, Brownie, Tigger, Momo, and Buddy. I certainly can't leave out Judah and Big J but those two have a testimony all of their own for another post. I promise I'm not crazy there is a point to all this stuffed animal talk!

While in the store on the shelf those adorable little stuffed guys were lifeless and had no meaning. Then one day, placed in the hands of a child and given loving attention, they were no longer lifeless but had purpose. They opened up a whole world of imagination for my kids. Isn't it the same with us? When Love enters our life it opens up a whole new life. Taking it a step further when Jesus is placed in our Hearts He opens up a whole new Life of peace and Joy within us. He brings us to Life. I John 4:9 In this the Love of God was manifested towards us, that God has sent His only begotten son into the world, that we might live through Him. We are no longer sitting lifeless we are then filled with His Love. Stuffed Full of Love and ready to share with purpose. He brings us to life again with His name on our hearts and uses our voices to embrace others with His passion for them. One of our songs, Love Much, expresses this "Let Kindness be our anthem Grace our song live hope and compassion loud and strong"  You can find the song here on our website in the Music section. No matter what we do in this life we are called to be stuffed full of the love of God. To follow Christ is to "Love Much"

(c) 2021 Gems of Grace

Regina Dowker 

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